Rid your Vents of Pollen and Dander

Now that spring is finally here, it might not be a bad idea to take some precautions and clean your vents of any residual pollen and dander from the previous seasons. If you’re going to be turning on your air conditioning soon, you’ll probably be glad you did—instead of blowing allergens all over your house. Plus, excessive dust costs you more by making your air conditioner work harder. Here are a few easy tips to keep the air circulating in your house as clean as possible.

clean ceiling fan pollen and dander


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Benefits of a Ductless Split-System

Summer is just around the corner and it is important to have a quality air conditioning system. A ductless split-system is an indoor unit consisting of a coil, fan, outdoor compressor unit and remote control without ductwork. It is great for homes lacking the essential ductwork of conventional heating and cooling systems. A ductless split-system provides flexibility for heating and cooling individual rooms at different temperatures. Ductless systems are easier to install, operate, are quieter and more cost efficient than central heating and HVAC systems. Continue reading