Holiday Foods Harmful to the Garbage Disposal

With the holiday season in full swing, baking, cooking and entertaining fill most of the time in the kitchen. With three trays of cookies in the oven and a hot pot of soup on the stove, chances are, the kitchen area is not the cleanest it’s ever been! While preparing for the holidays, it’s important not to forget about the harsh beating our appliances ensure at this time. One of the most forgotten about being the garbage disposal in the sink. The sink ensures the brunt of the mess and acts as a collect-all for sprinkles, left-over baking dough, dirty dishes and measuring cups. While the sink is a great place to collect the mess, the garbage disposal is not. It’s a wonderful convenience in the kitchen, but is not intended to withstand the abuse of foreign particles. Here are some tips to keeping your garbage disposal in working order during the holidays.

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