With the holiday season in full swing, baking, cooking and entertaining fill most of the time in the kitchen. With three trays of cookies in the oven and a hot pot of soup on the stove, chances are, the kitchen area is not the cleanest it’s ever been! While preparing for the holidays, it’s important not to forget about the harsh beating our appliances ensure at this time. One of the most forgotten about being the garbage disposal in the sink. The sink ensures the brunt of the mess and acts as a collect-all for sprinkles, left-over baking dough, dirty dishes and measuring cups. While the sink is a great place to collect the mess, the garbage disposal is not. It’s a wonderful convenience in the kitchen, but is not intended to withstand the abuse of foreign particles. Here are some tips to keeping your garbage disposal in working order during the holidays.

One of the worst things we can throw down the garbage disposal is flour. Flour is a common baking and cooking ingredient and, when mixed with water, creates dough. The same process happens down inside the disposal when flour makes its way down the drain. Water mixed with the flour does not break it down, but rather forms a slimy doughy paste that the disposal cannot process. Flour causes potential clogs and is harmful to the garbage disposal.

Another harmful food for our disposal is egg shells – another cooking and baking staple. The egg shells clog the disposal line which could cause a clog in the drain. Many people think egg shells sharpen the blades, but that’s untrue. Ice cubes, however, do.

Rice and pasta are other foods that do not fare well in the garbage disposal. Because of their consistency, water causes the food to swell instead of breaking it down like other foods. Once the pasta or rice swells enough, it can block the passageway and lead to drainage problems.

During the busy baking season measuring cups and spoons often make their way down the disposal. Since they are usually made of plastic or metal, they will not break down. They have to be removed from the disposal by hand. It is important not to stick your hand down the disposal while it is in use.

To avoid any disposal and drainage problems this holiday season, be aware of what food is being discarded into the sink. However, should you require a garbage disposal repair the experts at Atlas Butler in Columbus, Ohio are here to service all of your plumbing needs. It is important to have your plumbing serviced and inspected before, during or after the holidays to ensure everything is in working order to brace this Ohio winter. Call us at 1-800-FURNACE or contact us here for service needs.