Breathe Easier With Clean, Filtered Air

It’s easy to forget about the air filters in your home’s heating and cooling system. They’re hidden away, and unless you set a reminder on your calendar, you might forget to change them periodically.

We proudly sell and install a wide selection of indoor air quality products using the latest technology, including air purification systems, air cleaners, filtration systems, humidity-control systems and ventilation systems.

Your furnace will operate more efficiently as well as last longer when filters are changed on a regular basis. We sell a variety of air filters, and can help you determine the best choice for your system and air purity needs.

Air Filter Products

We stock the most common air filters used today, including:

    • Fantastic Filter

New, “gradient-layered” filter technology developed by leading asthma and allergy physicians removes airborne particles down to 1.8 microns.

    • Micro Power Guard

An active electromagnetic field within the media magnetizes airborne particles and traps them on a disposable filter pad, making it easy and cost effective to maintain.