Do you experience areas of your home that are too hot or too cold? This can be especially annoying during summer and winter. You end up cranking the A/C or furnace, which really doesn’t solve the problem and results in increased energy bills. Instead of adjusting or replacing the thermostat, or shutting off specific areas of your home, you should look into the air balance in your home. Simply stated, air flow balancing is correcting the flow of heated or cooled hair that passes from the HVAC system through the ductwork and out the registers into your house.

An HVAC technician will test the air pressure and humidity in the duct system and look for problems that may be impacting airflow, such as blocked ducts, dirty ducts and vents, loose joints, holes in the ducts, etc. They will make the necessary adjustments including cleaning the ducts and repairing or replacing deficient infrastructure. This may sound daunting and expensive, but in the long run, you will save money as air balancing isn’t nearly as expensive as replacing your entire HVAC system.

Some other benefits of proper air balancing include increased longevity of your system, reduced energy bills, better comfort, and improved air quality. If you are dealing with uneven or fluctuating temperatures in your home, contact Atlas Butler at 614-681-2167. Our phone is answered 24/7 and in most cases, you can get a same-day appointment. One of our HVAC specialists will inspect your HVAC system and make recommendations for improvement. You and your family will breathe a lot easier.