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Atlas Butler HVAC Technicians holding a donation check for the Mid-Ohio HEART (Helping Eastside and Reynoldsburg Thrive) Market Model Food Pantry.

Spreading Joy and Comfort: A Look at Our Community Comfort and Care Program

In the spirit of giving and community support, Atlas Butler has launched an initiative that is making an impact throughout Central Ohio. Over the past several weeks, the company has proudly introduced Atlas Butler's Community Comfort & Care Program, which aims to provide local impact to Central Ohio nonprofits with immediate results. This support is aimed at assisting these organizations in their mission to make a positive difference in the lives of community members.

Atlas Butler recognizes the invaluable role that local nonprofits play in addressing critical issues and providing essential services. Take a look at the first of many local organizations that Atlas Butler has donated to.

Hope Center

Women holding a check from Atlas Butler's Community Comfort & Care Program collaborating with the Hope Center to provide community service and empowerment in the Old East area of Columbus.

The Hope Center has demonstrated unwavering commitment to its mission of community service and empowerment, evolving from its origins in the Old East building to a comprehensive hub addressing diverse needs. Rooted in community support, the Hope Center actively seeks donations to ensure no child wakes up on Christmas without a toy and hosts engaging fundraisers like the "Hoedown for the Holidays." Prioritizing youth and food-related programs, legal clinics, and homeless assistance, the center has become a vital resource, providing shelter, meals, legal advice, and even car repairs. With a future focus on resource consolidation through a capital campaign, the Hope Center exemplifies an enduring dedication to creating a supportive and holistic environment, achieving remarkable accomplishments in its pursuit of community betterment.

Compassion Outreach Ministries of Ohio (COMO) Drop-In Center

The COMO Drop-In Center is a versatile support hub addressing the complex challenges of human trafficking, substance abuse, and poverty. Central to its mission is C.O.M.O. Recovery, a faith-based residential program providing an 18-month healing process for addiction and spiritual despair. The center also offers a secure space for women facing sexual exploitation, with a focus on trust-building and crisis intervention, while simultaneously serving as a non-judgmental refuge for men. In addition to these services, the center provides clothing for individuals to come in and out of and essential food supplies. This comprehensive approach, tailored to individual needs, reflects the center's commitment to empowering and assisting those in vulnerable situations, fostering positive life changes, and providing holistic support.

Victory Ministries Pantry

Victory Ministries Food Pantry Center of Hope in Whitehall Ohio being presented with a $500 donation check from Atlas Butler Heating Cooling and Plumbing.

Since 1983, Victory Ministries has steadfastly pursued its mission to alleviate poverty and uplift the community. The organization's impact has been profound in achieving milestones such as distributing millions of pounds of food, operating a family shelter, and providing critical services like mental health counseling and medical care. Noteworthy initiatives, including Operation Pure Religion, addressing the needs of elderly shut-ins, and establishing the Hope Counseling Center and Free Medical Clinic, underscore Victory Ministries' dedication to fostering hope and addressing community needs. Acquiring the property for the Center of Hope in 2015 and celebrating 40 years of service in 2023, the organization continues to make significant strides in its unwavering mission of service and compassion.

Mid-Ohio Market at HEART

Under the acronym HEART (Helping Eastside and Reynoldsburg Thrive), the Mid-Ohio Market at HEART embodies its core mission of fostering community well-being. Since its establishment in 2019, HEART has evolved into the Mid-Ohio Market Model, transcending traditional food pantry models to help nourish neighbors and connect families with essential community resources. HEART has made a significant impact, serving numerous families and individuals in 2023. Fueled by the dedication of volunteers, community champions, and partners, HEART exemplifies the transformative power of collective action and compassion, working towards a hunger-free, healthier community and the holistic well-being of the communities it serves.

Daily Needs Assistance (DNA) of Plain City

Daily Needs Assistance Center in Plain City Ohio being presented with a $500 donation check from Atlas Butler Heating Cooling and Plumbing.

The D.N.A. Community Center, established in 2010 by the Vineyard Church of Plain City and now an independent nonprofit, is a faith-based organization committed to embodying God's care for the fatherless, the widow, the lost, the lonely, and those facing injustice. Operating on the belief that caring for the physical and spiritual needs of the community aligns with the essence of God, D.N.A. offers programs to address both dimensions. In 2021, the Plain City Food Pantry, a longstanding ministry under the Fellowship of Praise Church Mission, became part of the DNA Community Center, seamlessly aligning with its vision to strengthen the community and nurture strong families through collaborative efforts.

Atlas Butler's Community Care & Comfort Program is a testament to the positive impact that collective action can have on our community. By supporting organizations like the Hope Center, Compassion Outreach Ministries of Ohio (COMO) Drop-In Center, Victory Ministries Pantry, Mid-Ohio Market at HEART, and Daily Needs Assistance (DNA) of Plain City, we hope to inspire others to join us in making a difference. Together, we can create a community that cares, uplifts, and supports each other through every challenge and triumph.

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