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Garbage Disposals

Everyone knows that dreaded feeling of when a foul smell or strange noise is coming from the garbage disposal. While some believe that a quick drain cleaning product will do the trick, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it is best to have your garbage disposal issues checked out by an expert—that’s where we come in.


Garbage disposals can be tricky to install. Our technicians have the skills and expertise needed to successfully install your new garbage disposal. Our techs ensure that your new appliance will operate correctly, won’t leak, and will reduce the chances of a plumbing emergency.

Repair or Replacement

One of our licensed plumbers can take a look at your disposal and determine if the clog can be cleared. If it is seized up, most times the object can be cleared and flushed down the drain or removed. If the motor isn’t working, we would recommend replacement.

Garbage Disposal Tips

Using your garbage disposal correctly is the best way to ensure a long life for your appliance. Visit our blog to find the list of things you should never put down your disposal/kitchen drain and other plumbing tips.

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