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benefits of using a licensed plumber in your home

Benefits of Using a Licensed Plumber

Doing your own plumbing work might seem like a breeze after watching online tutorials or DIY shows. A couple effortlessly installs a new kitchen faucet in the morning, and by evening, they're hosting a gathering in their renovated kitchen. But when you attempt the same task, reality hits. Water splashes everywhere, especially from the joints you thought were properly connected. What follows? A call to a licensed plumber to fix the mess, reinstall the faucet, and, ultimately, you end up spending double the money compared to hiring a plumber initially.

Opting for a licensed professional ensures that your home's plumbing needs are met correctly the first time. The key word here is "licensed." In Ohio, becoming a licensed plumber involves passing a background check, an exam, having a minimum of five years' work experience, a clean criminal record for licensure, and carrying at least $500,000 in liability insurance. Plumbers must have experience not only plumbing fundamentals but also general contracting and have expertise in dealing with hazardous properties like natural gas and underground utilities.

Work performed by unlicensed plumbers lacks guarantees, and if an unlicensed plumber causes an accident or damage to your home, you could be held liable for property damages. Most home insurance policies don't cover damages caused by unlicensed contractors. Working with a licensed plumber comes with the added benefit of many being bonded. Hiring someone inexperienced is too risky, and any perceived savings could end up being spent on correcting errors or home repairs.

Atlas Butler's plumbers are licensed, undergo extensive training and ongoing education. We have one of the largest teams of certified technicians in Central Ohio, with 24-hour access to parts and supplies needed to complete your job. Our property protection guarantee ensures we keep your house as clean as possible during work, and we'll repair or replace any damaged items to your satisfaction. Unlike companies that use subcontractors, our plumbers are our employees and are committed to providing the service that is synonymous with the Atlas Butler name. With over a century of proud service, why trust your home to anyone else? For your plumbing needs, call Atlas Butler today at 614-681-2167 or choose your date and time with our convenient online scheduling tool.

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