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Celebrating More Than 10 Years of Support for Columbus Humane

For over 100 years, Atlas Butler has focused on helping families thrive. That means supporting every member of the family — including the furry ones.

To that end, Atlas Butler has been in partnership with Columbus Humane for more than 10 years, in that time donating thousands of dollars in funds and in-kind donations to support their efforts to care for local animals.

Our friends at Columbus Humane recently shared with us that due to current economic conditions, many pet owners - struggling to afford necessary supplies or unexpected vet visits - were faced with the possibility of putting their pets up for adoption.

"After seeing the boom of puppy adoptions that took place during the pandemic, a lot of people expected to see a surge in returns after families returned to work and school, but we're actually seeing the opposite," said Brittany Williams of Columbus Humane. "Those pets became a part of peoples' families, and when times get tough, you don't turn your back on family. So what we're actually seeing is people making personal sacrifices to care for their pets.”

As a result of this, Columbus Humane put a renewed focus on helping these animals stay with their families. Whether it's through low-cost vaccines, spay or neuter procedures, or pet food, Williams said that Columbus Humane wants to help pets stay with their families.

“When we see pets in good homes with good people, we do what we can to help them stay there.”

To support this work, in March 2022 Atlas Butler made an additional donation to assist people with feeding their pets and paying vet bills. The donation served as one of the largest contributions from Atlas Butler since the company started partnering with the organization.

"For so many people - ourselves included - pets are part of what makes our homes ... homes," said Atlas Butler President Michael Swepston. "So whether it's helping pet-owners keep their four-legged friends at home, or supporting Columbus Humane as they work to find forever homes for the animals in their care, Atlas Butler is happy to be a long-standing partner of this great organization."

For those wishing to support Columbus Humane, the easiest way is to visit, or to drop off any supplies or food, even opened food that is re-sealed with duct tape is welcome.

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