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Atlas Butler’s Comfort Club: An Inside Track to Comfort and Savings, 24/7

We know unexpected expenses are a burden, especially when they affect your home's comfort levels. At Atlas Butler, we like to prepare our clients for the unexpected, so we've designed the Comfort Club, a monthly subscription service offering 24/7 comfort for your home, to help alleviate new and existing homeowners' concerns and lower the costs of unforeseen costs in your home.

Our Comfort Club memberships are divided into three levels (Elite, Premier, and Select) to ensure everyone has the right deal. Based on our research, we've discovered that Comfort Club members can save anywhere from hundreds to thousands through Comfort Club savings!

Elite Membership

Our Elite Comfort Club membership is our best value for new and existing homeowners alike. The membership level costs $32.95 monthly and can save members up to $1,980 annually, and the fifth year is FREE. The following benefits are included for Elite Comfort Club members and contribute to the robust savings:

  • Annual A/C and Furnace Safety Inspections and Cleanings (two visits per year) as well as a refrigerant leak search
  • No diagnostic fees
  • Annual home plumbing inspection, which includes:
    • Complete hot water tank flush
    • Inspection of all plumbing faucets, fixtures, drains, sink traps, washing machine hoses, and garbage disposal to ensure proper operation
    • Test water quality (hardness, chlorine content, and drinking quality)
    • Inspect CSST gas lines for proper bonding and grounding, along with inspecting sewage stations to ensure everything works properly.
  • 30% off repairs, 20% off clean air solutions, 10% off new equipment, and 5% off plumbing projects

Premier Membership

For $23.95 a month, $8 more than the Select Membership, we proudly offer our Premier membership level, which can save our clients around $1,370 per year. The Premier membership level includes the following benefits for our clients:

  • Annual A/C and Furnace Safety Inspections and Cleanings (two visits per year) as well as a refrigerant leak search
  • $49 diagnostic fee, a $40 discount from non-membership prices
  • 20% off repairs, 10% off clean air solutions, and 5% off new equipment

Select Membership

Our lowest-price Comfort Club level is the Select Membership, which costs $15.95 per month and on average saves members close to $300 per year. The following benefits are included with the Select Membership:

  • Annual Safety Inspection visit (one visit per year)
  • 10% off repairs and 5% off clean air solutions

What can you do with your savings?

With the added savings in your pocket and the Ohio summer approaching, consider investing in upgrading your home systems. We recommend investing in a ductless split system, which is a hyper-efficient and flexible heating and cooling solution that uses cutting-edge technology to help reduce greenhouse gasses, regulate temperatures, and reach the areas of your home where it is difficult to maintain climate control, all while operating at over 100% efficiency.

Call 1-800-FURNACE to become a Comfort Club member today, or schedule an appointment online with one of our licensed HVAC technicians to discuss any HVAC-related questions, including information about ductless split systems.

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