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Tips for dealing with a stubborn shower drain

Dealing With a Stubborn Shower Drain

Tips for Fixing a Clogged Shower Drain

While garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, and toilets receive the lion’s share of attention from plumbers, so do shower drains. With shower drains, the main culprit is usually hair, but bar soap and bath, shower, and hair care products containing oil or other emollients can congeal and cause water to not drain properly. Using the bathtub to wash clothes caked with mud and other grime can also lead to a backed-up drain. Here are some relatively easy and inexpensive hacks you can try to clear your shower drain before you call a licensed plumber.

Hair trap

A hair trap is inserted under the drain and catches hair before it can travel down the pipes and form a clog. You can pick up a hair trap practically anywhere — online, big-box stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores.

Boiling water

Sometimes, if you pour boiling water down the shower drain, it can melt soap scum and grease to get the drain flowing freely again. Use a funnel to prevent getting splashed by the hot water.

Hair weasel

This is a smaller version of a plumber’s snake. It’s a long, thin piece of plastic with one serrated edge. Slide it down the drain and it will catch hair so you can dislodge it.


You can also try using a plunger to clear the shower drain if the clog isn’t too deep. Coat the edge of the plunger with petroleum jelly for a secure seal and run enough water so the plunger is completely submerged.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

We recommend that you avoid using chemical drain cleaners in general. They can damage your pipes and when used, limit our ability to properly assess the clog in your drain if they don't work. If you are looking for a drain cleaning solution, we recommend Total-C drain treatment.

Atlas Butler Can Get Your Drain Open Today

If you have tried everything and still have a backed-up shower drain, contact Atlas Butler 1-800-FURNACE. Our phones are answered 24/7 by a live person, and we’ll send one of our certified plumbers out to assess your shower drain situation and determine the best way to unclog it.

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