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Atlas Butler's Ride TO Decide: Insights from Young, Aspiring Tradesmen

  • October 27, 2023

In a world teeming with career possibilities, high school students often find themselves at a crossroads, unsure of their path. The Ride TO Decide program at Atlas Butler has been instrumental in guiding these young individuals toward a future in the trades.

We introduce you to three remarkable participants, each with their own unique stories and journeys.

Ride to Decide Plumbing and HVAC Technician Paid Internship Participants from Watkins Memorial, Licking Heights, and Fort Hayes High Schools in Central Ohio.

Q: Did you always plan on pursuing a trade career? If so, why?

A: Juan Moore, a student from Watkins Memorial High School, was still deciding what career path he wanted to take after high school. However, during his conversation with his school counselor, they handed him an application for the Atlas Butler's Ride TO Decide program. He was immediately curious about stepping into a trade career. While Juan began his traditional 4-year route, he soon decided to make a change. This change led him to enroll in the Ride TO Decide Program, where he has since decided to pursue a career in HVAC.

Q: What factors influenced your decision to select Atlas Butler's program over other opportunities? What about the program that made you apply?

A: Shane Newland, a student from Licking Heights High School, fondly recalls his decision-making process. He shared, “This was one of the first opportunities that caught my interest.” What also caught Shane's attention about Atlas Butler's program was its distinctive focus on employee appreciation. This emphasis on valuing their team members was a compelling aspect that differentiated it from other opportunities. The nurturing environment, where everyone is treated like family, made it an obvious choice for him.

Q: Could you share some of your most memorable experiences or projects you've worked on during your internship at Atlas Butler? How have these experiences shaped your perception of your future career path?

A: Sully Garrison, who embarked on his plumbing journey from Fort Hayes High School, reflected on his transformative experience at Atlas Butler. "Everything me and my mentor did was awesome," he said. Sully shared that while accidents can sometimes happen, what stood out to him was the unwavering positivity of his mentors. Despite adversity, they maintained an optimistic outlook, and their support significantly shaped his view of his future career.

The experience taught Sully that the world of plumbing was not just about fixing pipes; it was about a community of professionals who valued both skill and a positive attitude. For Sully, the Ride TO Decide program reinforced his understanding that progress is a journey with the potential for learning, growth, and personal development in the world of trades.

Q: As someone who has transitioned from being a Ride TO Decide participant to a full-time employee at Atlas Butler, what advice would you offer to other high school students contemplating joining the program?

A: Shane's advice is straightforward: "Just do it, even if HVAC isn't in your long-term plans. The program offers skills that are not just useful in the trade but in everyday life."

A: For Juan, "Learning never hurts and always looks good on a resume, making it a valuable experience."

A: Sully echoes the same sentiment: "Just go for it." He believes that the knowledge gained far outweighs any potential risks, emphasizing the immeasurable growth he achieved during his time in the program.

Through the stories of Juan, Shane, and Sully, we witness the transformative power of mentorship, positivity, and a supportive community. The program not only helps shape career paths but helps mold young individuals into the workforce. Their advice to embrace the journey, even when the destination seems uncertain, speaks to the resilience and optimism of our next generation of professionals.

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