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Learn how heat pumps work in Ohio winter months

How a Heat Pump Heats During the Winter

  • January 25, 2024
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Heat pumps get a lot of buzz because they are environmentally friendly and can reduce your heating and cooling costs by both heating and cooling your home. Heat pumps have dramatically improved in performance and efficiency in the past 10 years, so more consumers who wish to reduce their energy consumption and costs are increasingly considering heat pumps. To sweeten the deal, there are plenty of manufacturers’ rebates and tax incentives you can take advantage of. But can a heat pump truly deliver during frigid winter temperatures?

To help you decide, here is a quick overview of how a heat pump works, especially during cold winter months. The heat pump operates in a closed-loop system. It draws heat in from the outdoors during colder months, and extracts heat from the air inside your house during the summer. You simply switch applications as the outdoor temperature dictates. Refrigerant chills the air, thus cooling your home in the summer. In the winter, the heat pump works in reverse and sends cold air from indoors outside.

Today’s heat pumps can accommodate much colder temperatures, however, in frigid conditions, ice can accumulate on the heat pump unit, sending it into “defrost” mode. Defrost mode only lasts 10-15 minutes and is nothing to panic about. However, if your heat pump defrosts too frequently, that may signal a need to change the air filter, clean the unit and the area around it or contact an HVAC professional. Heat pumps require regular seasonal maintenance just like a regular furnace and AC system.

Atlas Butler Installs & Services Heat Pumps

If you are debating whether a heat pump is right for you, reach out to Atlas Butler at 614-681-2167. One of our certified HVAC specialists will meet with you to discuss your household’s heating and cooling needs and help you decide if a heat pump is the right choice. If you need heat pump service, our technicians can review your system and get you back up and running quickly.

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