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How To Prep Your Home For a Summer Vacation or Extended Time Away

With the summer on the horizon, you might be preparing for your next vacation or getaway. And while these times away are supposed to be relaxing, they can often be stressful and downright terrible if you return home to a malfunctioning appliance.

To aid you in your planning, we've compiled a list of how to prep your home appliances to reduce the chance of failure or a problem occurring:

  • Dishwasher: To prevent mold and mildew growth, completely drain and empty your dishwasher before departing and leave the door cracked to allow any remaining damp surfaces to air-dry.
  • Garbage Disposal: To ensure your sink and kitchen smell fresh upon return, run your disposal long enough to dispel any leftover food remnants down the drain.
  • Thermostat: Despite common belief, turning your Heating and Cooling off while on vacation will not save you money. Instead, you should adjust the temperature as close to the outdoor temperature as possible while never exceeding a manufacturer's cold-air return temperature, typically between 60 and 80 degrees, which ensures plants and pets stay safe and comfortable.
  • Water Heater: Place your device in vacation mode, which most manufacturers set at 50 degrees, as this is warm enough to prevent freezing pipes and cool enough to lower your energy bill.
  • HVAC System: We recommend changing your air filters before vacation to ensure your unit won't work overtime while you're away. Also, condensation on the insulation foam of your HVAC lines is a sign your lines are freezing, as freezing starts inside, not outside the appliance. Finally, closing your blinds and setting your HVAC unit to "auto" will help retain your home's indoor temperature and save you money on your utility bill.

While we hope this checklist can relieve some of your pre-vacation planning stress, we know that sometimes the unexpected can be inevitable. If you find one of these appliances on the fritz upon your return, you can call Atlas Butler 24/7 at 1-800-FURNACE to speak with a representative or schedule an appointment online with one of our licensed technicians or plumbers.

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