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learn the role humidity plays in your home

Regulating Humidity in Your Home for Optimal Comfort

  • September 12, 2023
  • Tips

Keeping humidity levels in your home in check are key to enjoying comfortable temperatures year-round. Humidity is great in the winter because it makes your home feel warmer, but humidity can be unbearable in summer months because, well it makes your home feel warmer. Keep reading to understand how controlling humidity can improve the comfort in your home.

During summer months, the air can get uncomfortably humid, which makes your AC unit work harder and make the air inside your home feel warmer. Besides maintaining a comfortable temperature, it's also tackling the task of extracting moisture from the air. A bit of indoor humidity is okay, otherwise, you’ll deal with issues like dry skin, breathing problems, and your furniture drying out. But too much humidity in the summer can make the air thicker which leads to a "clammy" feeling, which can make your home uncomfortable. To address a humid home, consider installing a whole house dehumidifier that will actively remove humidity as your system pushes air.

In the winter months, less humidity leads to your home feeling colder, which may cause you to turn your thermostat up to ‘warm up’ your house. The right level of humidity works the same way as it does in summer months, but when the air is heated by your furnace, the relative humidity is decreased. If you have dry skin or are always wearing lip balm in the winter, your home may not have adequate humidity levels. A whole house humidifier is a solution that can regulate the levels in your home to keep you comfortable all winter.

Atlas Butler's service professionals can help assess and make recommendations for maintaining humidity levels in your home. We can evaluate your existing heating and cooling system to make sure it is functioning properly as well as provide suggestions that can help maintain proper humidity levels all year round. Our phones are answered 24/7/365 by a live person so call us at (614) 681-2167. You can also use our online scheduler to pick the date and time that works best for you.

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