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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Check off these simple home maintenance items to get your home ready for Summer.

Outside Your Home

Check A/C Unit
Don’t wait until it’s too late! Make sure you’re a/c unit is ready to keep you cool all summer long. Click here for our latest air conditioning check-up specials.

Check Detectors
Check your home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly.

Check Hoses Throughout the House – Inside & Out
Inspect the hoses to your washer, dehumidifier, dishwasher, icemaker, toilets and refrigerator for any signs of leaks, cracking or wear and tear. You should replace these hoses once every 3-5 years, but it is important to regularly check for any signs of leaking.

Check your outdoor hoses and exterior faucets for leaks — even a tiny drip can add up to a big waste of water.

Wash Windows & Screens
If you didn’t get around to it during the rainy spring, now’s the time to do it.

Clean Your Outdoor Cooker
Give your grill or other outdoor cookers a deep cleaning.

Inspect the Deck, Patio, Driveway & Walkways
Look over your deck for signs of rotting and hammer in any nails that are poking up. Does it need resealing? Sprinkle water on the deck’s boards. If the water beads up, you’re in good shape; but if it soaks right in, it’s time to reseal.

Thoroughly clean your patio, walkways and driveway. Before you get out your pressure washer, it is a good idea to check these areas for cracks and weeds. Once you have inspected everything, get out that pressure washer and wash away the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter.

Time to Mulch
If you haven’t already, add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat. It’ll give your plants a chance to grow.

Check Your Gutters
Gutters can not only get damaged over the winter and spring months but they also can become filled with loose debris such as leaves. Clogged or damaged gutters may potentially not function properly which can lead to water problems inside your home. In addition to the actual gutters on your home, inspect your gutter downspouts. It’s important that your downspouts are taking any water as far away from your home as possible, which can be accomplished by installing inexpensive extensions.

Inspect the Grading Around Your Home
One of the most common reasons a home may have a wet basement is because of the grading around the exterior of the home. As you are inspecting the grading around your home, you want to ensure the pitch of the ground around your home’s foundation is sloping away from your home. This allows ground water to run away from the home and not towards the home.

Plan Your Watering Schedule
Train your garden to endure dry days by watering deeply a couple times a week, instead of watering lightly daily. This style of watering will promote the growth of deep, strong roots.

Inside Your Home

Clean Ceiling Fans & Reverse Direction
Wipe off the winter grime from the top of the blades. It’s a good idea to reverse the direction of your ceiling fan during the summer so that it spins counter-clockwise. This pushes the air straight down, creating a nice breeze.

Clean the Garbage Disposal & Dishwasher
It is important to clean out your garbage disposal and dishwasher every once in a while. You can easily clean out your garbage disposal by flushing it with hot water and some dish soap. To clean your dishwasher, you should add 2 cups of vinegar to the bottom of the machine and run the machine on low wash.

Washing Machine Maintenance
Your washing machine needs some light maintenance every now and then. When your frontload washer is not in use, inspect the seal between the door opening and the drum for areas of soil buildup or any stains. If you find any, you can clean it with a mixture of ¾ cup of chlorine bleach and a gallon of warm water. Wipe the area with the bleach/water solution and then let it sit for about 5 minutes. Now, wipe dry with a clean cloth, and let it air dry. This will remove any odors and keep your clothes from getting stained by dirt deposits inside the seal.

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