In the winter, it’s easy to take your furnace for granted. As long as it’s keeping everybody warm and comfortable, that is. If your furnace goes out and it’s beyond repair, did you know you have options? The majority of U.S. homes employ a gas/forced air furnace, which means that natural gas heats the air, which is then “forced” through your home via the duct system. And while natural gas prices have recently risen, it is still the most economical heating fuel. 

Another heating option is an electric furnace. As the name implies, this type of furnace uses electricity to heat the air. While the units themselves are less expensive than gas furnaces, they are much more expensive to operate. But when combined with solar panels, electric furnaces can quickly recoup their operating costs. There are no associated threats of carbon monoxide and electricity is available practically everywhere.

A third option is a heat pump. These units are located outside the house and provide both heating and cooling. Simply put, they “pump” heat from one area to another by extracting heat from cold outdoor air and circulating it through your home. The system uses a refrigerant to cool hot air in the summer. The advantages to a heat pump are that they are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for separate AC and furnace units. The drawbacks are that heat pumps can be expensive and don’t always work that well in climates with extreme temperature swings.

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