Discover the Value of a Mini-Ductless System

Looking for an alternative HVAC system for your garage, sun-room or pole-barn? A mini-ductless system may be the right option for your heating and cooling needs. These compact units are ideal for regulating temperature in spaces such as an attic, basement, garage, man cave, or she-shed. They operate on the same premise as an AC or furnace as they draw air in from the outdoors and heat or cool it accordingly. The interior component of the mini-split is installed on a wall inside your home and distributes air throughout your desired space. The ‘fan’ component is installed on the outside of your home to draw the air and push it to the ductless component inside your home. 

Economics of Mini-Split Ductless Systems

Mini-splits are economical and good for the environment, as they save on energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions typically found with older HVAC systems. Unlike a central AC/Furnace that pumps the air through ducts in your home, the mini-ductless system pushes air directly into the rooms that are connected. A thermostat allows you to manage the temperature for the zones you are trying to heat or cool.

Atlas Butler Installs Mini-Split Ductless Systems

Atlas Butler can help you decide if a ductless mini-split system will accomplish the heating and cooling needs of your home. Call us at 614-681-2167 to schedule an appointment with one of our install professionals. We have proudly served Central Ohio for more than 100 years and you can trust us with your HVAC and plumbing needs.