If you are looking for a solution to heat or cool a specific area of your home or to better regulate the temperature in a single zone, consider a mini-split. A mini-split ductless system is installed high on the wall in a room or area of your home and doesn’t require expensive ductwork. The main unit (compressor) is outside your house and is connected to the indoor component (air handler) via copper lines. It’s a great workaround if you want to transform your basement into a livable space or keep your garage comfortable year-round for tinkering with your cars or woodworking.

Atlas Butler offers and installs LG mini-split systems and one of our installation consultants can schedule a visit to your home to discuss your options.

Here are some benefits of a mini-split system:

Higher SEER ratings. A SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and as the name implies, measures the mini-split’s energy efficiency — typically in the 100% range. You will notice a decrease in your energy bills by installing one of these systems.

Environmentally friendly. A mini-split system draws hot or cold air from outdoors and heats or cools it, similar to how a heat pump works. Because you control the temperature in a specific area with a separate thermostat, the unit isn’t running excessively and wasting energy, thus decreasing greenhouse gases.

Easy to install and maintain. Since the mini-split doesn’t require ductwork, you can install one anywhere. This versatility makes them an attractive option for remodeling projects. Maintenance is also a breeze; simply replace the air filter every 30 days or so. It is recommended that you have your mini-split serviced every year to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

One question we often get is how is a mini-split a better option than a window air conditioning unit. If you only need to cool a single room, then the window until is a good choice. However, keep in mind that the mini-split offers both heating and cooling. The temperature is easier to control with the mini-split and it can heat/cool more square footage. An additional benefit is that a mini-split is much quieter, which is a plus if you’re seeking a more comfortable bedroom.

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