Atlas Butler water heater repair and replacement in Central Ohio.We Install Water Heaters

Atlas Butler, Central Ohio’s leading HVAC company, offers water heater installation services. If your water heater is beginning to fail, or your current tank can’t handle the demands of a busy family, it’s probably time for a new water-heating unit. The average life of a water tank is between 7-10 years, and during that time, you may see a noticeable drop in temperature or leaks around the base of your water tank. In most cases, depending on the age of your unit, it is always best to replace rather than repair. The repairs will add up over time as the hot water tank ages.

We install and service all kinds of gas water heaters and electric water heaters, including tankless models that offer greater energy savings. Our technicians will help you select the right size water tank for your home.

We proudly offer American’s tank water heaters and Navien’s tankless water heaters.

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